written to the song: Volare — Gipsy Kings
“Because paper has more patience than people.”
— Anne Frank

As a kid, my parents let me pick my activities, so I tried everything from tae kwon do to cooking classes, to pottery, website design, and even wheelchair basketball. I attended farm camp where I fed baby calves, held chicks, washed the horses, and carried turkeys from one cage to the next (I will never forget the scratches on my arms). I started writing when I was in the second grade when my teacher gave me my first journal. Even though I couldn’t spell, I wrote about my family, my friends, and how much my sister got on my nerves. I was never a particularly good writer, I just enjoyed writing and found it relaxing. I was fascinated with the story of Anne Frank and how at such a young age, her diary inspired millions. Her story was so touching and her quotes resonated with me on multiple levels. I kept a diary throughout most of my childhood where I wrote about my crushes, family gossip, and more about my sister.

Receiving the medal for being the best benchwarmer on the “Green Goblins” soccer team.

When visiting Tennessee and Atlanta in 2003, I started a travel book, where I documented stories and cultural differences between Canada and the US. In 2007, my aunt gave me a batman inspired journal (which is one of my greatest treasures) to document my Bat Mitzvah trip to Paris. In this journal I kept track of the number of croissants I consumed, new French words that I learned, and how I found parts of my Canadian heritage while abroad (a Sens jersey was on display at a bar by Le Sorbonne, as it was during playoff season). I kept this journal until 2013 until I decided to take it online using tumblr, WordPress, and medium.

Paris, 2007.

As a confused seventeen-year-old, I applied to five different university programs. I chose to study Linguistics because it is an interdisciplinary study where I study word, speech, and sentence formation, cognitive science, neuroscience, languages, developmental psychology, philology, and semiotics. Recently, I found myself stumbling across old papers from my first-year. I was automatically drawn to edit them and add on to them, as I have learned so much since then! Plus, there is so much learning that can be done outside of the classroom and so many interesting topics in our textbooks that professors don’t have time to touch on. About a month ago I was feeling super inspired to write a piece on the power of eye contact. I sent the article to my friends for fun, and they told me to send them more. This blog will aim at coupling different aspects of language (dialects, fluency of speech, and body language) with issues in society as seen through the lens of the media, politics, and my own observations.

New beginnings at Queen’s: Lake Ontario, 2012.

My name is Anna Frenkel, and I am a 21-year-old student studying Linguistics and Education at Queen’s University. My nicknames include: Banana, DJ Frenkel, Freaky Frenkel, the United Nations, and Annie (which I really don’t like). I was born and raised in Ottawa, Canada in a funny, caring, and creative home. I have three younger sisters. Hip hop dance makes me happy. Blogging keeps me calm, reading inspires me, and green tea & honey keeps me sane. I love watching sunrises, climbing mountains, and jumping on trampolines. I consider myself to be an ambivert, someone who has both extroverted and introverted qualities. I believe that no one is ordinary and I believe that you learn the most outside of the classroom. These posts stem from pieces of my journal and ideas that I had in lecture, while watching TV or over tea with friends. I hope you enjoy them, and I always appreciate feedback.

Author of “Q & A a Day for Travelers”. https://www.linkedin.com/in/anna-frenkel/

Author of “Q & A a Day for Travelers”. https://www.linkedin.com/in/anna-frenkel/