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  • Shannon Hazell

    Shannon Hazell

    Shannon is living the Quarantine Life with her family in Ontario, Canada.

  • Alexandra Frenkel

    Alexandra Frenkel

    Spreading positivity!

  • Ben Babins

    Ben Babins

    Masters of Industrial Relations Student. Armchair GM. Amateur Pundit.

  • Daniel Orellana

    Daniel Orellana

  • @Shaft


    The Complicated Man Who Risks his neck for non-binary peeps, trans folk, women and men. 1st CTO @ObamaFoundation , @SlackHQ , @Twitter @Google @Apple

  • Matt Wright

    Matt Wright

    Community @GoQuorum | Building decentralized communities in the blockchain ecosystem

  • Nesar Safajou

    Nesar Safajou

  • Maury Rubin

    Maury Rubin

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